katalog dergi basım

Babil Printing, Topkapi in Istanbul European Side has been operating in the printing and publishing field since 2009. with agency services companies in the sector in 2001, then began magazine printing, catalog printing and active in book publishing and issues that specializes in this area.

Expanding services, cardboard bags, paper bags, product box, baklava boxes, pizza boxes, pastry boxes, boxes and other products began to do the printing. A large majority of customers in Istanbul is located firms, Turkey s found in almost all provinces, companies and institutions to provide printing services. Among the many printing firms that serve, agencies, universities, international organizations, there are municipalities and public institutions.

Because of the nature of the printing industry as the technological infrastructure requires continuous investment to renew the partnership accordingly, and feel the presence of the system in the industry to develop a unique method effectively. Printing the infrastructure in line with the expectations of customers in the developing markets change continuously react quickly.

Among the main services, catalog printing, magazine printing, magazine printing school, school yearbook printing, book printing, publishing products such as books, graphic design, packaging, a promotional products. These services are fast, are pushing the boundaries of their production facilities, although quality and economically realized.

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