katalog dergi basım
baskı fiyatı
Catalog printing is performed using the internal pages of glossy paper. Weight 130 g as often. coated paper used. Sometimes 115g. coated paper will be used.
When using the cover 300 g, 250 g depending on the type of job. used. Luxury caps, made plastering done on cardboard and is a very chic look.
All covers are made of cellophane. Cellophane operates matte or bright depends on the type and the business customer.
Our company is an expert on what materials will be used in which to work. "Our job will print" with the motto we have the expertise and experience with printing adventures are serving our valued customers. You can find all the information about the printing of catalogs by calling the following phone.
0212 493 1100
  www.babilbasim.com / Babil Basım Hizmetleri  
  Litros Yolu 2. Matbaacılar Sitesi B Blok / ZB 22 Topkapı / İstanbul
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